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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

Pearls and Dreams

May she rest in peace

I still have more pictures of her, undeveloped in the camera, so there will probably be more Donut pictures to share. Bare with me.

Knee surgery update ... pics from surgery
This is the cyst that was hurting so badly that the MRI said was not there:(bottom right picture, the cyst was the size of a large agate size marble)

The following two show the hole where the knee cap jammmed into the cartlige leaving 2 minor holes where holes don't belong ... first the 4 pics, and then the close up ...

hole knee

putting the knee cap back into place and cleaning the rough edges after it jammed the holes into the cartilege!

kneecap back

Ok ..that's the sad and gross things out of the way ...remember the concert I told you about a while back ... at the Ampetheater ... that was behind the Ampetheter ...



and now for why they were BEHIND the Ampitheater....


The first level of the stage is under water and the first 4 levels of seats ... Rows A -D is under water ....

Benjamin at the Ampatheater
(that's Benjamin standing there looking)

Chef Benjamin

Still nothing profound ... the post is there I swear ... I did post something on my Spirituality blog ... I have something for here ..but I've been busy catching up with other stuff ...
Maybe later today, or tomorrow ... assuming Max Headroom isn't back ....


  1. lmao wow thats really funny that it's actually under water lol. Great pics you took :)