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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poetry break

Reality's Path
My path, two steps forward, three steps back.
My burdens I carry in my own pack.
The hill is steep, the journey so long,
If I don’t fail, I will show I am strong.
This smile I wear is my uniform,
I will ignore my loud internal storm.
As long as the outside shines so bright,
And no one knows my heartbreaks inside fight.
God said we’re each to bear our own load,
No matter how steep or rocky the road.
This pack is getting very heavy!
I don’t think I can get past this levy!
Walls around my heart are caving in,
If they crumble, it will reveal my sin!

Dear Lord, if they see, what will they think?!
They will know the truth of my life’s real stink!
You want me to trust in Your power?
You’ve given friends to help in troubled hours?
But God! Is it not my job to alone,
No help to carry this life’s heavy stone?
Surrender? A word for only the weak!
Your will and purpose I want to seek.

I humbly lay this at your feet.
Taking the hands of the saints I will meet.
In my weakness You show Your glory.
I hadn’t been looking at the full story.
It’s not my heart that you want to break,
But my pride is released for Your loves sake.
Now I am starting to understand.
It’s Your solid ground not my own life’s sand,
That shows Your true love and grace for me.
Surrendering to you ... I’ve learned the key

© Peggikaye Eagler

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