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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

LEGAL to Drive!


LEGAL to drive ....

While it won't help with the issues in my previous post ...
he CAN now drive himself to work and back !!! YEAH!!!
He CAN go to the grocery store for us !!!
He CAN take him and his brother to church activities.

AND ... most importantly to him .. he CAN (most likely) drive to see his girlfriend that lives 2 towns over!!! (who he hasn't seen since October!!!)


  1. They met at church camp when they were kids. As they both entered youth group activities, they started to see each other more often than just once a year at camp.

    There was state youth camp, Fall Retreat, Spring Retreat ... plus, every other month, the churches within an hour's drive, get their youth together for a night of worship.

    So ...they developed a friendship ...and then one day at camp he looked at her and she was 'more'.

    He waited 2 years for her to agree to go out with him. She spent the 2 years praying about it. In that 2 years ...they've talked daily either on the phone or on line ... and well .. he's got a semi long distance relationship. (Poor kid, but man it's easier on Mom's nerves!!!)

    She was farther away ... a little over an hour, but they moved in December, so it's about 30, maybe 40 minute drive. 20 minutes from our church for sure. (we're about 8 miles from our church)

  2. yay for you!!! Yay for him!! Sounds like it will be a great help to you. :) God Bless!!!

  3. YAY!!! I would say yes, now it begins but your boys are very grounded and responsible so hopefully they wont be as bad as most are.