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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bling Bling

Ok, son #1 got new cell phone with pictures that can actually send to internet.

So, very poor quality pics ...but .. it will at least, finally give a hint as to what my 20th anniversary bling bling ...er ... ring looks like. My barely nails are in the pic as well.
These pictures do NOT do the ring justice ...at all ... :( but ... you get the idea.

Bling Bling Ring

Yes, I know, it's on the wrong finger for a wedding ring. However, the knuckle on my ring finger is a bit swollen today and it didn't want to go over it. Didn't quite realize how badly till I saw the picture and could SEE it ..eeps.

The camera did do our kitty justice, the little camera hog!

Pull a flash out, and Sugarfoot is ready to pose!


  1. Your ring is gorgeous!

    And your hands are pretty, Ms. Skinny Fingers. Nails look way better than my gnawed paws.

    Kitties always steal the show, there is no such thing as an ugly cat. Even those bald ones are handsome. I saw one for real at a cat show, and the owner was prettying up his darker skin patches with cream eyeshadow in a dark plum shade. It was pretty make up...pretty cat.

    Lucky you, not only to have such a fine cellphone but also smart enough to figure out how to make Blogger show your photos!

    You are awesome, PK!

  2. I wish my nails were as long as the reflection makes them look! The tips, are silver, and the silver reflects the flash ...and it extended the tips of the nails!

    Whooo hoo instant nails without the fuss!!

    My nails actually end where the shiny part, stays dark.

    That pretty cat ..is scratching on my antique table ... as we speak ...speaking of nails .... GRRRRRR

    My fingers have always been small. The were, my most favorite part of my body. I know, odd.

    When they thought I had rheumatoid arthritis, I freaked out ..all I could think of was my straight, perfect, skinny fingers ...

    Then found out it was lupus, not RA ...and I was sooooo relieved!!!

    then ... as you can see from the picture, the lupus decided that it wanted to make my joints swell, and some of them turn (pinky, and several joints are bulged now, the pointer finger is also crooked ..actually, they all are by xray .. sigh)

    When I was so relieved, that it was lupus, rheumy thought it was odd. I told him "IT's NOT RA!!! MY hands will be FINE!!!"

    He said, "we hope"


    he shouldn't have said that ..he jinxed me!

    Actually, my hands being 'ok' wasn't just about looks. I used to sign to music, my hands just don't quite work right anymore. Between the tremors and the dexterity loss ... I don't sign anymore.