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Saturday, September 08, 2007

What Bible Character Are You

Which Bible Character are you?

You're probably named Mary. Or John, if you're a guy. In any case, no one really remembers you.
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  1. You're the virgin Mary
    You gave birth to our saviour. You also had a child out of wedlock,but we'll overlook that considering he was God and everything.OH yeah and you died a virgin. That sucks.You're the Virgin Mary. How does it feel to have the fact that you never had sex be your namesake for all eternity?

    hmmmmm not very reverent are they?plus the idea of me being the "virgin mary" is absolutley hilarious. Virgin I am not

  2. Yikes, first I was Judas (had a heart attack), so I went back and altered (slightly) just a few answers and it said I was God! Um, I think I'm really one of the Mary's like you . . . gosh!

    PS I miss you!

  3. I got John the Baptist.

    "You're John the Baptist. You're Christ's best friend. Way to go."

    lol :)