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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Trees are Budding ... The Flowers are Blooming


I went to fill my Zyrtec today. Walidiots said that I hadn't filled it since August. Yea, ok, so the bottle that I was holding that said February ... was from ... Wonderland's Walgreen's? I was out of refills and needed Dr. Authorizations anyway, so it wasn't worth arguing over.

I've GOT to change!!! (Yea, I know, I've been complaining for a long time, but I was really hoping moving to this new Walgreens was going to make a difference, I was REALLY hoping it was THAT pharmacy problem not a corporation issue. Having the drive through when I don't feel good, is a REAL benifit!!!!)

My husband bought me an incredible gift this weekend. A porch swing. Yep. A Two seater, sit on the porch holding hands and talking in the evening swaying back and forth in the evening air on our nice porch ...with our beautiful house with our wonderful family ...and our fairy tale world .. porch swing. It's too good to be true. Only, it is true. :)

I was looking at the pictures of our house from the building process today ... the windows the teens and our children's pastor helped to put in, and put the siding around ...and the porch railing that we painted. The walls we painted. The roof the kids worked so hard on, in the extremely hot heat. The flowers we planted in the shivering cold. It's incredible to have this place that isn't just a home, it is a place of memories and a place that love literally built. Such an honor to get to live in it. I'll never forget the people who helped build it, they are a part of my home. They are a part of my heart.

Don and I went out to eat in a new restaurant tonight. New to town. It was strange ... I've never wanted to be a food reviewer so badly in my life. Some of the food was REALLY good. Some of it was sadly lacking and the prices were much too high for what kind of a place they were. They had way too many things on the menu for the size of a resteraunt that they were ... there is no way they could serve that many items in a day ...in a week! Therefore ...their food costs are going to be too high ...and thus ..the high prices. HUGE menu, small seating area (former Taco Bell) and what they specialize in, was really good, and what they make because they felt they had to offer, was mediocre at best. Not ..a good combination. 7 page menu ...FULL menu ... just is too much when you are that small. In short, we felt like we got short changed. Their dinner rolls, almost made it worth being short changed.

We got home, and we sat on the porch swing. And we talked about what an incredible life we have. Then it got too cold ... we came inside the house.

I can't wait till it warms up enough for us to stay out there longer. Hopefully by then I'll have more Zyrtec so I will be able to tolerate the outside a bit more ACHOO!!!!


  1. Well BLESS YOU! I'll have to come by and see the swing. I missed you Sunday. Where you sick? I"m being run to death, so I may have just missed you.

  2. What a lovely treat! Hope your allergies improve