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Monday, March 12, 2007

That's Entertainment!

I seem to be offering entertainment, of sorts, to my medical care team.

Last week, I failed to remember significant medical history of my OWN ... which highly amused my doctor. This week ... geesh I can't believe I did this ... I just didn't show up for an appointment.

I had an appointment with my neurologist first thing this morning. I'm driving away ... and I look up. I see, in the window, my orthopedic surgeon standing in the window and I think "hey! There is Dr. H! I see him tomorrow, right about this time!"

I go to the grocery store, then go to a coffee shop to wait for my husband to meet him.

The waitress, a long time friend is quitting on Wednesday, so she wants our phone numbers. I was digging for a piece of paper and I come across an appointment card. 3/12/07 8:50 Dr. H.

3/12/07 ... that's today. Not 3/13/07 ... Tuesday ...tomorrow. 3/12/07 ..8:50 ...that's today .. 8:50 was the time I was driving through the parking lot looking up at Dr. H ... EXACTLY at 8:50 ... going "Hey! I see him tomorrow!" GEESH!!!

So, I called the doctor's office and said "I'm an idiot"

Thankfully, they'd had computer screw ups, he'd had an emergency and they were trying to figure out how they were going to fit their morning in as it was. A missed appointment, for once was a relief, rather than a problem. I'm sure the record people who had to pull my chart for nothing didn't appreciate it.

She got a laugh, and she said she needed the laugh. At least they're not charging me for the missed appointment.

I guess it pays to be a faithfully on time, regular, dependable patient. They know I wouldn't have just done this for the fun of it.

I go back in 2 weeks on Wednesday the 28th ... I verified the appointment 3 times while I was writing it. Duh.

In the neuro's office. It was such an interesting appointment. We talked about where I was and where I am. "Semi remitted" whatever that means *grin* he kind of backpedalled when I started to get a bit hyper over it.
ok ... I get it .. I still need my medications, I still need my time management and I still have to take precautions with medications that I take. BUT ...Myasthenia Gravis does not interfere with day to day management of my life. It doesn't interfere with everything I do or say like it did at one time in my life. This, is a good thing. An extremely good thing!!! I get it! I really do. He evidently realized I got it, because I don't have to see him for a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now ... if only we could get the lupus as under control as the MG ... I'd be feeling groovy ... however, the lupus does interfere with just about everything. Blah!
Still, given the choice between lupus interference and MG interference ... I'll take what I've got.

He did let me know that lasix wasn't a good idea for me. So, if I need it again, I guess I need to have them call him. He said there were all kinds of things that need to be done first. Something about some kind of lymph something therapy (squeezing the lyph nodes?), pressure hose and some other stuff that went right over my head. Especially if the exact cause isn't known. He really wasn't impressed with the severity of the edema ...to start with lasix he wasn't thrilled with. I told him I wouldn't take anymore. (I've only taken 1 and 1/4 tablets ... I took 1/4 tablet yesterday to see if I could flush the rest of it out) It did make me awfully sick.

And a side note ..this won't make any sense to anyone but the person reading it. E/O, if you read this. Stop ...don't email me, don't contact me. I told you to stop, I mean it. I cannot and will not absolve you. You were wrong. So wrong. You won't find absolution in an email, on my blog or in any way shape or form. You want me to tell you it was ok so that you can prove to your friends that it wasn't. It was. It was horribly terribly wrong. You're barking up the wrong tree. Go away.


  1. LOLOL nice to know Im not the only one that does things like that

  2. Hey congrats on getting at lest one of your problems a bit under control.. I hate it when im going brain dead and missing appoitments.

    I hope everything is ok. Take care

  3. I can't remember anything lately myself. Sigh... Glad you are getting things taken care of.