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Sunday, May 18, 2008


I've been told I need to check in. Sorry!!!

I've seriously planned on blogging. Really ... I need to. My son graduated from high school. That is worthy of a blog post. It begs of a blog post.

I freak out everytime I go to blog about it!!

Between that ..and the fact that it's been 25 years since I graduated ... I'm feeling just a bit ... um er ..uh ..er ...middle aged!! Ok, so I am, but that *IS* beside the point.

I have an email list of friends that I've had since I joined the WWW in 1998. It is nicknamed TSBS (tourette's syndrome and yes, the BS is exactly that) It is a small group and we are very tight nit. When our children were little, we clung to each other like a spider web. We were each other's life line, sanity, and survival ... we've seen each other through marriage, divorce, affairs, illnesses, deaths of parents, the near deaths of a spouse (mine) and serious illnesses of parents and spouses. We have held each other's hands through IEP's, fights with neighbors, bosses, job losses and life changes ... through it all ... we've been there. For several years, we did a christmas ornament exchange, those, are treasures beyond belief!

We, for several years, just the 15 of us, kept a volume of emails in our group of about 250 emails a day.

As our children have grown and life has settled for most of us (2 of the children still have SIGNIFICANT Tourette's, the rest, as the medical community promised, have either outgrown it, or symptoms significantly subsided) we still keep in touch. There are about 8 of our core group left ... and our volume of mail have dropped to about 25 emails a month. Between all 8 of us.

However ...nothing in life seems *real* until I have told them. And or blogged about it.

So ...since I have not told TSBS about Samuel's graduation ...and I have not blogged about it ... it's not real ... right?



  1. I'm betting Samuel would disagree with that :P