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Monday, May 05, 2008

I am WOMAN ... Come walk with me!

I posted about this, and will post again ... On May 11 many women across the nation are going to be making steps ... one step at a time ... or many steps together to get themselves healthier ...

In the Woman Challenge to walk virtually across the country to a better health.


It isn't about being skinny, or some crazy weight loss phase ... but about living longer ... having healthier joints ... and about living to see our grandchildren graduate from high school and seeing their children being born and graduate from high school!

This week ... My mother has a birthday ...and my son graduates from high school and I celebrate 25 years from my high school graduation ... but my body is incredibly unhealthy.

I've spent the day feeling like firecrackers have been set off in every joint and every muscle group.

While it has little to do with being out of shape and everything to do with an immune system gone haywire ... . being IN shape is my only real recourse to survive those fireworks.

I do know that I worked out 3 times this last week ...and if I had not ... I'd have been bedridden with those fireworks ... instead of just in pain.

Tomorrows work out, if the fireworks continue, will be limited, but it will take place .... and it will keep the flare that is happening from getting worse than it could. OR at least, that's my theaory.

I have many many blogbuddy's ... and many many real buddy's who read my blog ...

So, I challenge you women ...and you, who love women ... Join with me ... starting MAY 11 ...

Let us Blog Buddies ... make a group to Virtually track across the country ... and Bust those bodies that often fail us ... if you have a healthy body ... keep it that way and make it even healthier ...

If it's not healthy and like mine ... it's fighting lupus, myasthenia gravis ... or you have to fight some other chronic monster like Multiple Sclerosis or Rheumatoid Arhtritis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Cancer, recovering from Cancer, Elnors-Danlos Syndrome, Multiple Connective Tissue Syndrome, Any number of cancer, Alzheimers ... or you've lost a loved one to any of those diseases ... Join me on May 11 to get fit ...and get healthy ... get up and moving ... Join me ... and register to my Group Blog Buddy Body Busters at

Here is the route we'll be taking :

Join in and then email me at Pearlsofaneagle@aol.com and let me know you've joined!! Keep your progress logged in ...and let's keep each other encouraged!!!

Personally, I'm dedicating my trip to my dear friend's dauther who passed away from Brain Cancer ... Kylie Bug, this is for you!
I know you're not supposed to put your number on the web, but ... I'm going to do it anyway ... if you have any questions
My number is 918 833 1552


  1. God love you all. Women are, of course, tougher, much tougher than men, despite what males like to think. I hope many join in.

  2. Just dropping by to check on you. I've been sick myself so I have not been around any where recently. Hope to see you soon.