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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ok, I am back.

My computer is totally fixed.
Blog problems and all.
The ramifications, may be longer standing.

Benjamin had let a neighbor into the house to use a photoshop program we have. In doing so, she also visited a few of the favorites

Using the program, was messing with the virtual memory of the computer. So, we had told the boys we couldn't use it until it got properly installed. She'd come over and use it, the virtual memory would be all screwed up, then my blogs would be inacessible to me ... at times, or only partially accessible at other times.

Quite a frustrating week on the computer.

I have on my computer, as well as had told her about. I don't have them saved in a 'secure' space, we share a home address with the family. She accessed one of the blogs I read, got mad at the post, and trolled it anonymously.

She lamblasted the poor girl to bits. What's worse (and somewhat sick) is she took part of my story, and twisted it beyond measure!

Enough of it was there, that I could recognise it. Some I know she's never been told by me (sons? read my blog? husband?) others I know I've told her. Some is stuff I know has happened to her. It is an angry diatribe at this poor girl who was venting on her blog. I still don't know if it came from my IP address or not, but it did come from my area.

The thing that made me first suspect her was the ' surgery to cut my chest wide open' with no reference as to why. The implication being heart surgery like most would have for a transternal operation. (Without the use of the word transternal) Only, mine, was a thymectomy, my heart is fine. It is quite scary realizing I've got a fruitcake living across the street to me. Again. (just realize I had a weird neighbor before, that was almost this bad.

Guess I need to put those skills into place again. She wormed her way into the house while we were gone as well. )

So, my sincerest apologies to EE at BackboardsandBandaids.Blogspot.com
She is a young EMT with plenty of fire, pregnant, and working. She said this didn't bother her, it was 'blog fodder'. It bothered me greatly.

In part, because I feel like I have been violated. It did take me most of the night to realize that was part of the equation. But also, because I don't just read her blog, I talk to her on IM and I play scrabulous with her on facebook. She's not 'just another blogger' to me. I admire what this young girl has done with her life.

For someone to have taken, what is supposed to be 'me' and do what is so out of character for me (as all my blog friends, as well as personal friends could attest to) feels so, what is the word? Foreign? Violated?

I don't have any recourse because my son let her in to use my computer. I did not have access to the pages private (besides, I'd given her a list of my favorite medical blogs! She supposedly has an interest in 'doing something medical' when she gets on her feet.)

EE did a great job of standing up for herself. Her blog friends did a wonderful job of defending her. I admire her greatly for the minute she saw me on IM asking me. (without, mind you, accusing!) We got to the bottom of it rather quickly.

I am left reeling, with flashbacks of the "Tomato" fiasco of a couple years back. If you weren't a part of that, please, just let that one go. If you know, then you'll understand.

Edit: I have a protected, prepaid credit card on Paypal that is used for children's ministry. I decided to check that. It, also is on the favorites page that my blogs are kept on. Sure enough, purchases that I did not make have been made. Walmart. Clothing for a boy and a girl. In young children's sizes. About the sizes her kids would wear. Less than $25 taken off. (which, there is only $50 on the card, to get more than $25, needs the children's pastor's ID as well because it's the church's money). Now I guess I have a real decision to make. This goes beyond a stealing of a reputation.

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