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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm Still Alive

I'm not back, but I am still with the living, although computerless.

Our computer problems ARE under warrentee ...and after several tech calls and struggles ...they sent us a 'box' which arrived yesterday. Hubby and son packed up computer and sent it off to manufacturer ... they will fix ... and send back to us ... 3 shipping days ... 7 to 10 days for repair and then 3 shipping days to return. Ugh. At least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you all for still checking with me. It is sooo nice to be missed!

Cathy, I do hope you're having fun this weekend!!!

Tj, your messages have made me smile and laugh outloud in the library!

The house, is almost done. It is SOOO Beautiful!!! Wanda and I just came from there while Don and Samuel are working on laying the flooring. The ceiling fans and light fixtures and dishwasher were put in on Monday. GEORGEOUS!!!!!

We lay sod, put up privacy fence this weekend. We will be done this weekend or the following weekend. We are literally at the end ... just detailing at this point!

I need to get. I'm wearing poor Wanda to the bone. She's running me around so that Don can do the floors today. I'm here at the library to take care of some details on my book .... which is moving so fast I can't hardly believe it!

I miss you all so much!!!


  1. you are missed so very much pk... i keep thinking about calling you but everytime i do it's on the weekend and i think.. hmm she's busy with the house and probably exhausted from working to much... don't frown at me i know you probably are... hugs to you and i so can not wait to see pictures.. i can't wait for you to get back online and to have our nightly chats again and i can't wait for you to be in your beatiful house!!!!

  2. I can't believe that computer of yours.

    It has to quit right when the good pictures are being taken.

    I want to see the outside, the inside, the closets, the sinks, the kitchen...

    I want to see the colors, I want to see the carpet...

    And the yard and fence too!

    I want to see it all!


    Do you have a "cranky" librarian?


  3. Hope your computer problems are fixed SOON.

  4. I'm waiting to see all of the pictures as well....keep smiling; you're in our thoughts and prayers!


  5. Miss you on line! I'm glad we see each other in person. The house is just beautiful, for a wonderful family. Counting down until your computer is back. ((Hugs))