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Monday, February 20, 2006

Children and goals

Well ... first ... I have to say it's too cold to breath outside. That aside, doctor's apparently, still want to see patients. I was hoping that my sons pediatric neurologist would not be in the office today because of the freezing cold and icy roads ..but no such luck. (which, by the afternoon appointment, the roads weren't icy, and not really even wet ..so ... oh, well ..the cold, still an issue.)

We went in ... normal check in procedures, just a med check for tourette's/ocd ... no biggie ... Dr. M wanted to know how son was doing in school and goals for life. WELL ... I had had Samuel take his PreACT and PreSAT scores to show Dr. M ...
We've known Dr. M for 14 years ... I knew he'd be interested ... as a person, if not as a doctor.

He was obviously pleased, and proud ... he asked Samuel about his goals for his life ... Samuel said "I'm going to be an Medical Doctor when it's too late to use it" Dr. M's head jerked up and said "huh?
"I'm going to be a forensic pathologist"
"Ahhh" Big grin
Suddenly, Dr. M came alive ... advice came forth as to what his next steps needed to be ...are you volunteering in the community? Are you doing service works? Extra cirricular stuff besides academics?
This summer ... try to get someplace to volunteer in the medical field. (that thrilled Samuel ... however, he didn't tell us how to go about that or where to go to volunteer ....hmmmm)

So ... it was fun to see him get excited ... then, the two of them went on about how he could be a role model to his little brother (also a patient of Dr. M's) and how he needs to be helping me around the house because I probably need it.

So now I need to find my dermatologist who moved away ... he was so sure Samuel should be a medical doctor ..and was offended ...yes OFFENDED that Samuel did not want to be one ... Samuel waited until 4 DAYS after Dr. W moved out of state to change his mind (the scores on the testing convinced him he should, a sophomore getting a 25 on the pre ACT really can encourage a kid to really follow the heart)

So ... now maybe I need to find him and say hey! you were right!

I'm going to go freeze ... goodnight.

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  1. There is nothing quite like watching one's children evolve into humans, complete with careers and families. However changeable all that may be, and however many gray hairs we earn through the process!