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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

of hair and teeth

Food is starting to taste like food again.

The dentist over the phone said that it was a very rare reaction to the extractions ...but made it sound like it was not unheard of.
When he saw me for the follow up he told me that it was totally impossible for the extraction, but judging by the look of my tongue ... it was a reaction to the thrush!! My tongue was still a bit swollen and he didn't particularly like the size of my taste buds. So he gave me an oral diflunac (sp?) and within a few days it started to dramatically improve!!

With this next procedure (thursday) I'll be given the diflunac as a preventative.
I pick up my teeth on Wednesday and have 16 teeth pulled and denturse put in on thursday.

My blog is private so I'll go aheaed and post this picture. I guess, if it were public I probably should write a rather strong anti bulimia post with the picture. It's not a great picture and the really bad teeth didn't show up in the light. This picture actually makes my teeth look not too bad ...which is bad considering they look really bad in the pic.

I'm looking forward to a 'real' smile where I don't feel like I'm wearing the badge of bulimia ...


  1. I AM REAL HAPPY FOR YOU! Maybe someday I can rid myself of the tell tail sign.

  2. i'm scared spitless. You need to come by sometime ...anytime after the 6th. (I don't care if I've fully recovered, you're wellcome..regardles. I'd love to lay eyes on my rumblebuffin!!!
    (your dear son that oculd be mine if I didn't know better (Chris) His humor I adore.