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Saturday, August 08, 2009

new teeth

The swelling in my face is making me look younger I think ...any hints on how to keep that? lol ...look at those nice straight white teeth!!!
As soon as I'm feeling better adn the Myasthenia isn't interfering with my ability to smile .... I'll have a new one taken

This shows how darkened and blackened my teeth erew, but the missing and chipped teeth weren't as evident.

one of the before's .... the dark spot is a tooth broke in half, filled in black. The front two teeth were all but black, but to lighten the mouth to see the chips and cracks the coloring had to improve.

one of the before's .... the dark spot is a tooth broke in half, filled in black. The front two teeth were all but black, but to lighten the mouth to see the chips and cracks the coloring had to improve.

Now my biggest hurdle ... convincing myself to rest ...my brain is saying "IT'S DONE ...time to get back to 100% !!!" My body is saying "um dear ...you've had significant surgery get your butt in bed and REST"


  1. ALISON!!! you didn't tell me you moved !! (or did you? and I forgot?) I found out from my sons co worker today! She's a sweety!)

  2. Hi Pk!! I don't remember either lol. But yes, I did move. I now live in the middle of the Pacific ocean lol. Apparently they don't make you take algebra here, hehe. :)

    It's been a bit of an adjustment. Everything's pretty different. Still not used to it all entirely yet.

  3. they don't make you take algebra there? well make room for a houseguest!!! It'll just take me about 7 years to finish my degree!

  4. Lol yeah, they choose your math course by what your majoring in. So I'll just have to do a basic math class. My classes start next week.. I'm nervous..as usual. :p

    I hope you're liking your classes this semester. :)

  5. I like my biology for non majors, my psych (Personality Theories) and even my speech. But my algebra ..intermediate ...oh boy that's not going to be pretty.

    I've got an instructor who has already made statements like "this is such easy math, I don't understand why people have trouble with it" "I can teach anyone, if they don't learn it's their fault"

    But then today when she started doing a 'review' on graphing, stating we'd all had it before ...over 1/3 of the class informed her (myself included) that we had NOT had graphing (some didn't even have it in HIGH SCHOOL Algebra 1 or 2!!! Much less beginning algebra at TCC) she informed us that "I don't know why you wouldn't have had it, I teach it in my beginning ... so it should be taught" and she went on without backing up to explain!

    (ok, that's it ... loose us the first week and we'll never catch up! yeah, you can teach anyone ...but blame those who don't learn? yep ... you and I are going to get along really well ...not!)

    I tried to get out of her class into another ..classes are full. If I drop it now it's May to January between Beginning and Intermediate and then a year before I can transfer to NSU.

  6. Yikes! That teacher's attitude is horrible. I can't believe she didn't stop and explain graphing especially considering how many people hadn't had it. Maybe you could ask the professor you had for beginning algebra for some help or information on some of the subjects that come up in the class? He at least seemed to want his students to excel and was open to helping them understand how to do the assignments.

  7. Friday's class was so bad I went immediately to Mike's office to talk to him about my options (dropping, taking in the spring semester ...which means May to January between classes ...as well as an issue w/financial aid that doesn't exist this semester ... or staying in a class I know I can't pass)

    He strongly suggested that I get the heck out of the class ..she'd leave me confused and it's better to have time erase skills than to be left confused.

    This woman is a pc of work. She was yelling a couple of times in class. once had nothing to do with the class and w/TCC itself (we as students should not have heard her complaints!!) the other two were aimed directly at students ...one she told was asking a 'stupid' question ...the other when she was asked about how she got to the answer informed the whole class ... that she skipped several steps ..she would not be holding our hands through this class and we'd be expected to fill in the blanks.

    And I dropped it. I'll be taking philosophy the last 8 weeks of the semester.

  8. Glad you got it resolved. I probably would've done the exact same thing. :)

    I find it rather amusing that she was yelling in class. Everyone in college is an adult. It's just silly for an adult to yell at other adults particularly in that environment and especially adults they're supposed to be teaching.