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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer 2009

So, it's clear into summer and I'm still not blogging much ... at all.

I've taken the summer off of school in order to get my teeth taken care of. The process is more difficult than I'd forseen and now see the wisdom in my family and my docs pushing me to just concentrate on dental and not go to summer school.

I had 10 teeth removed a couple of weeks ago and in a couple of weeks will have the remaining 16 teeth removed. (was already missing a tooth or two)
I go tomorrow to 'pick out' my dentures ..style and color. Never realized there was that much to the process!!

There has been a couple of unexpected issues with the process ... one ....with only having to consume liquids ... I increased my calories to the amount and timing the endocrinologist has been after me for 3 or 4 years to do ... and I lost 10 lbs! I still can't make sense of intake of double the calories and loose weight.

I started to introduce real food this week and have run into a big issue ...aside from the expected trouble that the eating disorder would cause .... I've ran into a super taste issue. EVERYTHING is too sweet, too salty, too garlicy, too ...you name it, if there is flavor, there is too much!! Everything tastes so over done I can barely eat! Even plain, unsweetened oatmeal was too sweet!! How do you get more bland than unsweetened oatmeal?

So, on top of being a bit overwhelmed by all that food ... that flavor is making it almost impossible to eat ...

I knew that I'd been having issues with the protein shakes and meal replacements being too sweet, but I thought it was just tooooo many sweet things in too short of amount of time. Nope, it's me.

I've done some research on dental procedures and tastes and all I find is a DECREASE of flavor not the opposite!

So .. interesting turn of events I didn't need .. it makes it even harder to eat than ever.

On the 6th I get the rest of the teeth removed, dentures and start school on the 17th.

I hope the next procedure goes more smoothly or starting school 11 days later will be a big challenge!!!


  1. Please be careful with your eating. Bland oatmeal sweet? I don't think so. Please take care. ((((cyber hugs)))

  2. Oh, you are having so much dental work done. That can be so traumatic. Take things slowly!!!

  3. Wanda ... i'm workin on it ...

    Dr. Deb .. yeah it is a lot and more than I imagined. I'll be very very glad when it's all said and done and I don't feel like I'm showing the badge of bulimia every single minute my teeth are visible.

  4. its really simple, when you dont consume enough calories your body thinks its starving and hangs on to every single one in self defense. When you give it enough food, it relaxes and only uses what it needs.

  5. Good luck with your next procedure, Pk! Have you decided what classes you're going to take in the fall?


  6. Alison .. yep

    Intro to Philosophy
    Intermediate Algebra
    Speech (yikes!!!)
    Personality Theories (my psych class)

  7. Oh Pk, I gotta tell you something funny I learned this week that shrinks the world of the internet to an even smaller size. I don't have Facebook but one of my closest friends does and told me to go to her page to see if I could look at her vacation pictures. While on her page I recognized the last name of one of her friends...Eagler! As it turns out, my best friend from sixth grade is co-workers with your son, Samuel. Small world, no? :)

  8. oh my gosh!!! What a small world! And we have Dr.Charles and the tomato contest to thank for it lol