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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time flies

I went to a moderated blog so that I would feel more free in posting ...I thought it would get me back to blogging, that doesn't seem to be happening.

Spring break is next week.

During Spring break I will have a take home test, 2 reports and an oral report to write. Not to mention the fact that the week after spring break will come TWO tests. (psych and algebra ...and quite possibly ..sociology)

I can't stand my sociology class. It's one saving grace is that I *really* look forward to Algebra by the time it's over!! (back to back classes)
The professor could not be more boring if he tried ...well, yeah, I guess if he spoke in a mono tone, maybe.

My friend Teresa calls it 'bankclerk education' ... just depositing the information and assuming it gets to where it needs to go.
ARGH! NO student/professor interchange ... no professor interacting with class ...we sit there and listen to him spit out details with no *real* explination of what it means.
He gives us scenerio's occassionally, but they are obviously ones that *he* relates to, and not necessarily the ones that would best serve the situation (or ones that would pertain to our lives as students)

YAWN ..... Yawn ... the only thing that keeps me awake is his interminable habit of saying "OK?" at the end of EVERY sentence. I, out of sheer boredome one day counted the OK's with talleys ... 170 of them in a ONE HOUR LECTURE!!

I'm doing a book report on "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" ...FACINATING book. If you get the chance, read it. I read it in less than 24 hours (including class and sleep!). Easy read, fast read and intriquing topic. (Chinese ... I think 17th century)

My therapist and I are making progress ...slow and steady. Although I realized this last week that ... well ...she's been seeing me for 6 months and is about to find out this is my second marriage. That seems like a major detail for me to have left out. Not quite sure how I'm going to justify that one! (the leaving it out of my history,not the marriage)

Yesterday we were discussing my over all stubborn streak that has been an inate part of me since infancy. Somewhat self destructive even as a tot ...and into elementary school. Being incredibly strong willed ...
she mused "and how does that translate to the therapy process?"

Um .... *you* have a lot of work to do?

She corrected me with a *we* have a lot to do.



  1. Glad things are going well. would love to have coffee some time.

  2. Sorry I have been absent for a while. Seems like the studies are going well...good at algebra?...taking my hat off to you!!!

  3. I went back and read a previous post about your Soc class and I'm wondering seriously about your teacher! Using Durkheim's SU research to teach research methods instead of his book titled "Rules of the Sociological Method"!?! Umm...can I smack you teacher for you?

  4. Yeah, I could think of quite a few ways he could have taught it.

    My social psychology had to teach the same thing ..and did a much better job!