Dr. Suess

"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

checking in

I've got a nutrition test on Friday. Sociology test on Thursday.

Not looking forward to either.

Doing great in Algebra. Who'd have thunk it!!

Have no idea when Social Psych test will be ...we're way behind ... should have been today, but it's after chapter 4 and we're still on Chapter 3.

She's having a rough time with this class. Today she threatened to lock the door. AFTER she asked 2 students to stop talking and one student to put his phone away and stop texting. About 5 or 6 students came in and out, one did it twice! (these all distracted me as well, so it's not like they did it quietly!) I wish I had an answer to give her. She's one of the most patient, kind instructors I've ever seen, at any level. For her to have lost patience ... I hope the students realize they crossed a line that never should have been crossed.

One student will not realize ...she'll blame it on the others. She was in our class last semester. I guarentee she doesn't see herself as one of the problems ..even though she was one of the talkers and got up and left and came back.

Oddly enough, today's subject matter was one of ...blaming others for our own actions.

Well this is a short post because I've got a therapy appt in a half hour!

hope everyone is fine.


  1. I would ...but I no longer have your phone number since Bj washed my cell phone!!!

  2. Algebra never made sense to me. As my daughter moved through the course we had to get a tutor. Hope you kick butt on those tests!