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Monday, November 03, 2008


This is me at about age 10 or so.
princess robe
This is the man I grew up believing he was my step father. There is significant reason to believe he is my biological father.

picutres of old


picutres of old 2

Pictures of me as a child and adult, along with pictures of my 'step' father. He was Daddy to me. I will never understand why secrets are so important to keep. Secrets always come out, and when the truth comes out, feelings are hurt ...far less than if truth be told from the start.

In my case ... the secret kept me from
having my Daddy, be DADDY ... step siblings I adore that are more than likely half siblings ...and most of all ... I could have had his name.

It forced contact with a man who not only rejected me at the start, but continues to reject to this day.

The wounds that could have been prevented if only the truth was told, amazes me.


  1. There is a very strong resemblance between the two of you, especially in the side by side photos.

  2. Did your Mom admit to it yet? I sure miss see you. (((safe hugs)))

  3. Wanda ... my mom admit to doing wrong? She's not admitted that when she filed bankruptcy 15 years ago it was her fault. She's not admitted that her credit crisis this time is her fault. She's still telling people that she lives below the poverty level (she's not even below the poverty level if she was a family of FOUR at her income!!! Yet she's thousands and thousands and thousands in debt) and she's told several people at church that we owe her several hundred dollars.

    Um, uh ..uh ... we're the ones with almost perfect credit ...you're the one trying to find $$ to go bankrupt ..who owes who?
    Don's credit is 20 pts from perfect, mind is 40 pts from perfect.
    She'd have filed bankrupt if Don or my sister would have loaned her the $$ to file bankruptsy. (we won't see it again, is why we won't loan it to her)

    My sister loaned it to her the first time she went bankrupt, she never saw it again. Not happening again.

    She is now telling people we owe her several hundred dollars on the cell phone program. We don't.

    My mom makes mistakes, then can't account for them, and has to have a scape goat.

    I refuse to be that scape goat ...

    I miss you too wanda ...I don't have my cell phone anymore, it got washed (not sure if I did it, or benjamin, one of us did!!!)

    I'm not sure where you live ... but you have my number (in church directory) and ... you know where I live! Balls in your court lady bird!

  4. you and your father could always take a DNA test if you really wanted to know and if you didnt mind "stirring the pot"

  5. it's my step brother I'd take the test with. So I could prove my step father IS my father.

    By the fact that my 'father' and I don't have blood types that are physically possible rules him out without the costly blood test, but still doesn't say who *IS* the father.

    Mom could clear it all up, without cost, without blood work, without tears ...by telling the truth.

    But then, she'd have to admit she cheated on my dad in 1963, and that, my friends, is not going to happen.

    But, no matter how you slice it, I can't be a B, my mom an A and my Dad an O.
    When I realized this was doing a project for a psych class. A father who wasn't the right blood type and I just kind of ...WAIT! That's *MY* Blood type *AND* my Dad's blood type ...

    Then again, I'd already had proof earlier in the year that it was more than likely he wasn't my father, so I guess it was just confirmation.

    Mom said something when I was in the 5th grade, about blood types and doctor's think they know everything ...but sometimes they can be wrong ...and maybe any type can father any type. So, I'm guessing this came up during my childhood as well.

    WHY My 'dad' did not fight it, since he obviously wanted nothing to do with me while I was growing up is beyond me.

    My step father ..most likely father
    My 'real' father ..most likely NOT father
    and yet ...
    both kept mom's secret ...why? to protect her?