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Saturday, November 01, 2008

5 weeks to go

There are 5 weeks left in my return to school. Well, 5 weeks left in the first semester of my return to school. Can't even imagine how long this process will take. I try to not think about that.

This semester has just flown by. Some great moments, some really tough moments ..but over all, I'm very glad I made this decision.

The hardest part has been the algebra. I've really struggled with it ..and the realization that there is more to it than my just not liking it ...has been rather eye opening.

Some realization that ...
my 'stubborn streak' as a teenager was less stubborn and more fear.
this really *IS* difficult for my brain, I'm not just being lazy or stubborn.
I still have to get past this.

Has made for an interesting few weeks as I've adjusted to the knowlege that I've got a math learning disability.

Some of the clues given to me, and some of the tutoring has helped, at least in the homework ... I still failed my 3rd test. There is no way for me to pull this grade out of the fire.

I'm going to talk, this week, to my professor about taking an incomplete, then auditing his class next semester, and then finishing it during that class. Maybe ..maybe I can make some sense out of it.

I know that even if I could pull my grade out of the fire, I am in no way shape or form ready to move on ... I don't 'get it' enough.

They'll move on faster than I am ready to move on, I need more time for this.

I'm hoping he'll agree to this, it's the only way around financial aides refusal to allow a student to repeat a class ...

The other frustrating factor is ... financial aide. It's still not in for this semester, much less next. I can't even register for next semester's classes (Which are filling at a remarkable pace) because they have a hold on me, because financial aide hasn't been granted.

Why? Because they messed up and saw the hold that we took care of before school ...whoever went to package my financial aid saw the hold from this summer ...and put it in the reject file.

Only problem with reject pile ..they wait till they finish everyone's financial aide, then go and send the letters of rejection. (and that makes sense because ???? you want to give students 2 weeks to come up with other means of paying for classes they've already taken and thought financial aide would cover it ...)

So, I went to find out why my son had financial aide ...and I didn't ...and we submitted on the same day.
That's when we found out about the rejection. Um ..only there was NO HOLD!!! I'd taken care of the hold ... (a defaulted student loan, 21 years old ... from a trade school that got in trouble with the government for taking advantage of students ...so much trouble they were shut down!!)
regardless, the default was taken care of ..and I was no longer on hold ... but the person who went to package me saw the 'default hold' and yet ... failed to read farther to see I was no longer in default! They just plopped me in the reject file!


  1. Good luck with the financial aide Pk. I hope they get you approved soon. Also good luck talking with your Algebra professor this week. From what you've told me he seems pretty understanding, so I'm sure you'll get it sorted out. I went ahead and filed for withdraw from the class on Friday since the deadline to do so is coming up on the 7th. I was doing well on the homework but there weren't many more quizzes left and I couldn't take the chance of my grade hinging on the final two exams.

    This semester has just flown by hasn't it?

  2. The semester is really gone by fast. I hope they all go by that fast! My degree will be in easier grasp than thought!

    I checked today about my options. Found out that because it's a zero level class, it doesn't really affect GPA ... which is good.

    AND ... more importantly, because I've got less than 65 hours, Financial aide WILL pay for a second take of the class! *Whew*

    So, I'm going to stop stressing over what I do and don't know. Absorb as much as I can and take it from him again next semester.

  3. Good luck with the financial aid office stuff.

    My sincere apologies to you, Peggykaye, I'm sorry I haven't been available to help with the algebra. I had hoped to be some help to you. Glad to know you have had someone tutor you.