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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's getting to me

My science class is above my head, at least this first part of it, mathmatically. It requires skills from math classes I've never taken ...and some skills from classes I've not had since the 7th grade ..which is 31 years ago. My best friend is 31 years old.

I have taught some of these skills to Samuel, but he was advanced, and I was teaching them to him about 8 years of age, so ..at 18, almost 19, that means ...about 10 years ago. And teaching them, you just kind of scan the material, make sure they catch it, and let it go right back out of the head as you check the work with the teacher's key. (especially with a kid who is primarily self taught)

The reality is, after taking four hours to accomplish only getting 9 out of 27 problems done ...and even my very bright son having some problems with them, I've decided to go and see if I can drop the class, and register for a 12 week class ... and keep my full time status (for purposes of financial aide). This would mean, in 2 weeks I'd start my 4th class and drop, this week, the science class. The book, I'd have to keep (all $224 of it) and save it for next semester after having a semester of algebra under my belt ... and getting some skills to help me to understand what is is that I'm missing.

I simply can't take 13 hours of classes and doing 15 hours of homework for one class. (that is how much time I've put in this week, and yet, am still 18 questions short of completeing the assignment) It has also left me on the short end of reading for another class.

So, that is what I will do ... I hate to do it, but if I can, I will. If I can't maintain my full time status, I'm ...essentially in hot water.

Not sure what to do then.

I'll let you know.

On the sick front ... I finished the 2nd round of stronger Leviquin and now, the cough is back with a vengence. I'm going to give the prednisone and nasal spray a couple of more days ...and then ... CALL AGAIN.

I'm wondering how much my change of immunosuppression has to do with this ... is the Imuran from Cellcept playing a role in this not being able to kick this????


  1. Try to take care of yourself. Called you Sunday got your voice mail.

  2. What science class was this? Chemistry perhaps? Be happy to help with the math involved in Chemistry, or Physiology (which is basically the same math)...probably too late now though.


  3. Hey Sera!! Good to see you!
    It was physical science. When i went to the counselors office to cry ;o) found out that I'd not met the prereq. The computer saw I was enrolled in algebra (which I never even took in high school, so I've never had)
    and so it let me into the class.

    However, I should have COMPLETED the class with a 2.5 before it let me into the physical science class. Computer glitch.

    So, I dropped it, and enrolled in a computer concepts 8 week class to keep my full time status with financial aid.

    I've got a GREAT algebra 1 teacher (which is a zero level, no credit class) and other than having some issues that I've always had in math (BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS!
    but you have to just accept that it is. BUT I CAN'T JUST ACCEPT THAT IT IS! well, but it just is, that's the way it is in math.

    Flashbacks to rebellion in math at 14 ....
    absolute value ... it's JUST WRONG I TELL YA!

    But, all is fine now.

  4. An "A"? Woo hoo. If I drank, I'd be breaking out a glass of bubbly for you right now. Great news! Congratulations!