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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Humanities homework

Our Humanities 2 class has a blog. We MUST post at least one post and 1 comment a week.
In class we got into a discussion of the dying arts and humanities in today's world, and the change in priorities. Patrarch was quoted as saying the highest form of art was poetry and yet, in today's world ...poetry is the least respected of all the arts. (much to this poets heart's dismay)

My humanities instructor suggested I blog about it for my week 2 blog post. So, I did, when I started to do it, I decided hey! If the whole idea is that poetry is no longer respected, why not do it in the form of an Italian Sonnet ..the very form no longer respected ..and took 5 minutes and threw together what is most likely my worst poem ever written. She loved it ..not really sure what that means ... does she need to read the rest of my poetry or ... let's not go there

but .. here is my blog post with the very first sonnet I've ever written. Warning for those who've read my poetry before .. this IS not my normal quality of writing ... it IS a 5 minute poem ...

While this is certainly not the best poem I've ever written, when I brought up the frustration of the lack of respect of poetry in today's world while Petrarch declared it the highest form of art. I could not resist deciding to place my frustration in the form of a sonnet. I personally have never been assigned a sonnet before ... so ... forgive the lack of ...um, perfection ;o) I did use theabbaabbacdcdcd format (italian rather than shakesperean) format for the rhyming. So, in the attempt to start the discussion of poetry being no longer respected in today's society ... here is my statement in the form of a pseudo sonnet:

Death of Respect
by Peggikaye Eagler
Petrarch declared the best there could be,
Of all the literary forms of pen or quill,
Not prose nor epic tales but words that bring one still!
Time and meter, rhyme of heart, that of poetry.
Petrarch saw the poems opened new ways to see,
To share things otherwise kept in at will,
Poetry frees the heart to share the love that doth fill!
Art form to be kept alive, would be a shame to ever bury!
But here we are generations of change,
Progress brags of the technology of life,
Experts tell us all we know, they give us range!Making life easier?
Improvements increase... strife.
Removal of art, demotions of heart, does no one find this strange?
If Petrarch were here now, he'd feel the twist of the technological knife.

like I said ...certainly not the best of my poems! HA!But ..I'm going to leave it like that and we can discuss it in the comments.

only commenting going on is one guy who said he liked the line "removal of art, demotions of heart" (actually, I like that too) and the teacher who said she loved the sonnet.

So much for starting a conversation on the topic.

But, got my A .


  1. it got you an A- good enough boviously

  2. I might have given it an A- for effort ..but she gave me the 5/5 credit ... full on A. then said it was a great sonnet.

    still shaking my head over that one.
    Taking the A with glee ... worrying over her idea of a great sonnet.

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  4. Blogging for homework?? Sweeeet! I think if that was my homework, then I'd actually start doing it! Lol!

  5. What amazes me is ... all you have to do is ...post a few sentences about class, your opinion, a quote you found from the period, a picture of the period ..just something to show you're paying attention ...
    of the 30 people in class ...we have 8 posts, and 4 comments.
    By the end of the 16 weeks ... at 5 points for a post and 5 points for a comment for each week ..that will add up to a significant portion of our grade!


    I guess she said blog and they blew it off. But it's 10 points per week. Given that she's not grading a whole lot, that means it's a significant portion of outside of testing grades!

  6. Pk, what are you working on for your Algebra class? I am currently developing a deep hate for simplyfing distributive properties. Seriously they take forever. :|

  7. I like it! I'm not much for poetry, but it really rings with me.

    Good stuff, Pearlie.