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"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zippy has arrived.

Zippy got here today.

Hot, and tired after his long journey. Greeted by a hyperactive puppy. He wanted to be sure that the puppy was not able to get to him. I assured him that we would keep the puppy, Hershey away from him.

Umm Is this puppy tied up?

Hershey was sure she could get help from someone getting closer. She didn't.

She won't let me near this new friend!

Taking Zippy on a quick tour of the yard, I told him the tree in the front yard didn't belong. It was a sore spot with us. He offered to chop it down.

Already trying to help!

I told him not to feel bad. We never watered it, and the ice storm didn't kill it. It's indestructible.

Inside the cool house, Zippy immediately was relieved to feel the air conditioner in the Oklahoma heat and humidity!
Zippy Inside

First to meet him was Samuel
Meeting Samuel

Camera shy Twitch met Zippy and even posed for the camera!
Now *this* is Zippy!
Better official pictures will come ..but our digital camera is a little cheapie!


  1. Looks like ol' Zip is having a grand time. Don't let him pinch your cat.

  2. Wow what a house full. How do they all get along?