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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is all Vijay's fault ....
I tried Twittering at his suggestion and I've gotten hooked. Pownce, I think was
Moof's invite ... But Vijay suggested that I try Flock. An innocent suggestion.
So, I go and download it.

What happens? Hook line and sinker ... I'm reeled in like a trout in a feed pond!

It keeps my flickr, my picasa, my youtube, my twitter, my pownce, my blog ... everything at just one place ..it's an internet junkie's crack I tell ya!

the only thing I can't get on it (yet?) is my bloglines and YMX

Go ...look at flock ... it only takes seconds to download (even with my slowest dsl connection!) you'll see! It will keep even the most unorganized person all kept together in a nice little spot!

sigh ... I'm hooked!

Flock N Roll

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