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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank You - Southpark CC

This, is my church. This video, was made by a wonderful guy named Foster Cryer.
Tomorrow, I will post his website. He's a terrific photographer.

He did a great job putting this together for our church! Thank you Foster. If you search youtube you can find a couple of other video's he's done of our church ... search under fostercryer (one word).


  1. So many different blogs..I didn't know where to post to you. I liked your angel photo on the other site. It is pretty isn't it?

    Thank you for stopping by and saying hello to me. I wanted to return the hello. You are being looked after...the most special people can come into our lives and hold us up when we feel to tired to move forward. I think you have found such friends. Best to you PK. Love, Chrysalis

  2. What a beautiful video! I love that song. Made me cry. It's hard to be thankful when you feel ike your world is turning upside down. Anyways I loved it.