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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It is common in the blog world, when you know someone who is starting a new blog, or, you come across a new blog that you like to introduce that blogger to your blog friends. I've had the pleasure of introducing a few blogs in my time.

This time, it is a particular pleasure to introduce this blogger, because, not only do I KNOW this blogger, but I am related to this blogger. By choice, not by blood. *grin*

This blogger, is, my sister law, Pam. Healing Herbals Inner Sage

Her heading reads :
Healing Herbals Inner Sage
The workings of an herbalist, including the growing, foraging and making of products. I believe in and strive to live by the teachings of our Grandmothers, both those of my Native American and European ancestry. Many call these the Wise Women, Elder or Crone ways. After talking with the Creator, each of us should tune in to our inner voice, my listening brought me to this path. So listen, as I share my Inner Sage www.healingherbals.org

And her profile reads
I am a 40 something woman who loves herbs, writing, making products and hearing how they work, reading, and learning Everything I do, I have to keep in mind, that I really do have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and disc deteriation, as much as I would like to forget those things. This is the first year my 13 yr old will be attending public school, so all my reservations and excitement may come out in words!! I believe in gardening, composting, buying and eating locally, sustainability, & urban homesteading. I love nature (except biting things !) the moon, running water, the wind and all things living. I try to live the way I want to be treated.

She does not have a picture up yet, BUT ... I have pictures :)

This, is Pam with her VAST array of products. I have a personal ad to the side that I placed. Not at Pam's request, but at my own behest, because I so firmly believe in her products. They are great! Many of them were developed when I called Pam and said "HELP! I have this need!"
The acne was developed for my son Samuel ...but alas, we cannot tell you how he likes it, because ... the kid won't use it. He won't use a two step process, so he has yet to find anything 'that works' ... yes, Pam, you may strangle said nephew now. However, younger nephew of hers, SWEARS by her acne product, and rarely has more than 3 pimples ... and he uses it faithfully. Samuel's acne is bad enough to go to a dermatologist. (however, I REFUSE to take him to a dermatologist until he's tried to do over the counter or Aunt Pam's stuff faithfully!It's not TRULY bad enough to go if he's not TRIED to take care of it.) So, you be the judge ... 3 pimples with treatment ... acne without it ...hmmmmmmmmm

ok, this was supposed to be an introduction to her blog, not an advertisement for her products .. i could go on and on and on about her pain salve, her healing salve (I describe it to friends as a cross between ... neosporin and hydrocortosone cream ...if you'd use one of those ... you can use this!)

Back to the pictures ... this WONDERFUL Portrait! was taken by my nephew of Pam and her brother, my husband, at either our house dedication or the house warming party last November. He changed the background to it, to give it a portrait type background.


I don't have any pictures of Pam and I ..however, I'm sure at our renewal ceremony in December, I will get one. This time, Pam will be at our wedding ...unlike last time ... no one was at our wedding ... Pam was on our honeymoon (it was at her house) but she can't come on this honeymoon!

So, please, go visit Pam's new blog, and give her a warm welcome. And then, go visit her website for her products and if you're interested (you should be!) BUY some! You will not be let down.


  1. thanks for the glowing introduction! I am glad nephew 2 uses and likes the acne treatment ! Nephew 1 and dd, as always has something else in common, neither likes using my products, so dd has to buy hers with her money !! I will talk to nephew next week WAAHHHHAAA, you help in the booth, you have to listen to what I say