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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Unbreakable has Shattered

This is unedited

A Diner opens it’s doors
and stays open day and night.
They feed food to all,
and coffee where conversation was bright.
The customer’s are loyal.
Morning, noon, night and even when the world is alseep.
The food is decent,
Conversation is better, laughter and even times to weep.
A small family forms,
We watch the others, to laugh, to cry, even to poke fun.
The door that lets them in,
Strong ‘unbreakable’ glass
(as all resteraunt doors should be!)
This door is the key to the fellowship,
It lets people in and keeps out the weather,
It allows the last wave
Till we can once again be together.
The winter wind freezes it
The summer heat bakes it
The spring and fall winds blow it
And it stands strong.
A drunk, or 2 or 10 or more
Tumble into it. A toddler bangs it’s cup on it.
A strong door, the entry to the place where
We all share our lives … and loves .. and disapppointment.
One day, a young 6 year old boy
His 8 year old brother tuants.
And the 6 year old boy goes to the parking lot
Picks up a pebble, the size of a pencil eraser
Or smaller
And he, in his anger … chuncks with all his might
This tiny pebble at his brother’s head
And the door shatters
Every where
Tiny shards
What once protected from the elements
What once allowed hello’s and good byes
Was now a pile of junk on the floor ..
The unbreakable …
it broke.
No. It shattered.
My heart felt that way …
Letting people in and out.
Sometimes frozen
Sometimes baking in the heat of
Pain that comes only from hell
Bumped into
Pushed into
Abused at times
But functional … and secure and unbreakable
But someone threw a pebble
With just the right force
With just the right ambient temperature
With just the right spot on the vunerability of my soul
And now I’m
In pieces a shocking pile of broken unbreakables
And unable to fix myself.

1 comment:

  1. None of us can fix ourselves no matter how much we think we can not be shaken. Maybe I'm reading to much into this. It is a nice poem.