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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Profound Self Acceptance

I'm listening to a CD on Profound Self Acceptance by Mary NurrieSterns

In the CD, there are many gems ...
"if you find a diamond in the dung, wash it off, and never forget it's a diamond"

But the one that keeps ringing in my ears
" Memories and stories are not the truth of who we are. But they can have great power over our lives. They are untruths that prevent us from knowing ourselves. They snuff out life and inhibit the unfolding of our innate potential. Repititious and immature they do not evolve in response to later life events. Instead they interpret on going life events through their filters, for example an innner theme: “ I’m not competent” may result in the need to be perfect to prove competency. Mistakes are seen as evidence of not being ok and result in ever greater pressure to get it right. Although people under the influence of a perfectionistic theme may be accomplished in their careers their ability to relax and enjoy is be inhibited by the endless pressure they do not know their innate worthiness. The thoughts and themes that make up our sense of identity are immature, they are literally interpretations of a childs thinking having arrived in our heads when we lacked the intellectual capacity to know that our conditioning is not who we are. They mirror the trauma’s events and attitudes that surrounded us in early life."

There is also the simple sentence:

We do not have to remain captive to our stories.

And then there is:

Our task is to remember that
Our Worthiness is our birthright, We are inherently worthy and precious. Just as a diamond is always a diamond.

We deserve to be here, just because we are here.


  1. Lovely post! This is very true :) For me, there is also the assurance that I'm worthy enough to have been died for. Now that's precious