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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Child in Me

Let’s go for a walk, while we share our heart,
Lessons for life, things in which you’ll take part.

Life can get hard; I know it doesn’t seem so
Let me tell you the things that you should know.

When darkness comes, and trust me it will,
Remember your faith, darkness can’t kill.

When loss and terror strike out of thin air,
Keep your heart open, remember to care.

Things will happen you can’t even dream,
Not in the darkest nightmare scream.

But you’ll come out fine, stronger and bright,
You’re so young now,some day you'll need insight,

You won’t deserve to live in that cage.
You'll need help to turn the page.

Destruction will happen, by you and by others,
You need to separate, yours from another’s.

The Grace of God, you’ll depend on often,
But it will take a while for your heart to soften.

In time you’ll understand what you need,
To breathe, to love, to hear your own plea.

But for now, let’s suffice it to say,
You’ll learn very early just how to pray.

Lessons you’ll learn, you’ll stand proud,
Even when you hear the voices a crowd.

You will find peace over and over again,
Even when all around you is dim.

If I could stop it, I promise I would,
Many times you will think that I should.

Someday, maybe not too far away,
Our hearts, together again to stay.

Listen up; you’re me, thirty years ago,
This path that we walk is not just for show.

A heart that is wounded, heals even stronger,
You can bear this all, just a little bit longer.

When in the future, I forget you’re me,
Remind me together the future we see.

A young girls dreams, I do treasure them alway,
I’ll lose the path, but come back some day.

Together we’ll face this … the adult in your eyes
The child in me, no more fright in the lies.

No longer, I promise, to ignore you inside,
No more will you worry that I too have lied.

It’s time to come play with me in the sand,
Swing high, climb low, play in the band.

Time to move forward, with one heart aligned,
It’s our future that we have yet to sign.

© Peggikaye Eagler

1 comment:

  1. This truly is one of the most beautiful and touching poems I have EVER read. It spoke to my heart and was a great reminder to me about my own child within.

    Thank you for sharing it.