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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pefection's Secret Plans

By Peggikaye Eagler

Perfection comes in bright shiny clothes,
Effortless” paths to my lofty goals.
Reminding me success with in an arm’s length,
Fear is subtle but it’s the true strength,
Ever whispering promises of delight,
Contradicting failures true plight.
Take my advice, it cajoles me often,
It keeps my heart from learning to soften,
Ominous demands, grow greater with time
Never knowing I’ve been trapped by its slime.
Destruction comes more subtly dressed,
Entering quietly whispering “no rest”
Side by Side with Perfection performs
Truth is hidden about my life’s real norms.
Ruthless as Perfection, but simply more deadly.
Unwilling to let go of its power,
Convincing me I must obey or be a coward.
Tip toeing around the issues at hand,
Insisting I keep things buried in sand.
Over and over it reminds me the goal
Never give up or you’ve lost your soul.
Breaking free, it’s harder than you’d think
Recognizing the twins, it’s you they’ll sink.
Amazingly there is an escape from their plan.
Knowing the truth about their stories to fail,
In no way shape or form will loss lock me in jail.
No laws require me to bind with their contract,
Growth, kindness love releases me to interact.
Finally, my eyes and heart start to bloom,
Relearning skills to heal hidden doom.
Every time Perfection takes hold
Destruction follows, making life cold.
Breaking loose away from their grip,
Free and healthy brings a lively new trip.

© Peggikaye Eagler


  1. I love it! Breaking free, even in the poem.

  2. HEre's to "effortless paths".

    I love that phrase.