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"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Straight A's

Peggikaye Eagler got STRAIGHT A's for the spring semester of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations, Pk! Even an A in Algebra! That's fantastic!

    This is random but I was thinking earlier of old bloggers who no longer blog anymore and you know whose I miss? Dr. Charles! I miss his writing, commentary, and the tomoato contest!! I hope he writes again some day.

    Bloggers from the abyss *sigh* lol.

    Have a great Mother's Day, Pk! And congrats again on your grades!


  2. Alison and Raine .. thank so much. It feels so good ... I may have waited 44 years to see that 4.0 ...but I made it!!