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Thursday, October 09, 2008


I'm trying to decide ... if I want to keep this blog open and just post to it occassionally ... and start a new one totally completely anonymous (which as a writer, I don't like not being able to keep my name attached to my writings, as soon as I let them public, my anonymous blog becomes public ...) or if I want to restrict access to this to people that I approve.

I will be fairly liberal with who I approve ... the down side ... a restricted blog means no more writing for Grand Rounds ... no more 'meeting' new people through the blogsphere by them stumbling across my blog ... the first name that comes to mind is Cathy, Pat (my big blog sis ) Alyson, Erin ... just to name a few ...

But ... I'm so restricted by what I can say at this juncture in my life because my blog is public.
Even things happening with school I don't feel comfortable with blogging about with knowing that certain family having access (sissy in law, that ain't you)

I'm going to take a week to decide. Either way ... those who wish to know what's happening will probably need to let me know either here in my comments or email me at Pearlsofaneagle@aol.com ..if I go private you'll need an invite.

Still thinking ... I just don't want to loose my blogging interest because my muse feels restricted.


  1. Girlfriend I better get an invite! My Google reader will miss you!

  2. I just went through this with my blog at notratched.wordpress.com. Faculty were reading it and hitting the freaking roof and I finally took it down because it wasn't fun anymore. Huge bummer. Careful with anonymous blogging though; it's difficult to be anonymous these days.

  3. We all need safe spaces, PK. Give yourself permission to have one, and have fun with it!

  4. Go for it, kid.

    Otherwise, everyone loses.

    Pearls of wisdom must be cast, even if before the you-know-what.

  5. Pk, I understand how you feel. I didn't even have my name on my blog and I felt weird about having it public. I'm all for privacy. Do what makes you feel comfortable. :)

  6. I still want to be able to read Miss PK!!



  7. I have decided to go private. I will post some time this weekend that I'm going private, with my email address so that people can send me their addresses, for invites ... then go private at some point next week when I get around to it.

  8. I can understand why you would want to go private& you need to do what is best for you. :) God bless!!!