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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Really Doing It

Well, I've got my finanicial aide papers filed, and decided to not wait for fall and am going to try to get that blasted algebra out of the way. My stubborn streak got in the way and I never took it in high school. The conversation was absolutely absurd and I cannot believe I ever got away with it. As a parent, I'd never let my children slide by with such a thing (as they have found out) but, I did ...

I had wanted to be a doctor since I was less than 4. I earned my first aide badge as a brownie and was the first girl scout to earn my first aide badge.
In my 7th grade science class, I was teacher's pet ... she lit a fire under my facination of all things biological.

My freshman year, I was enrolled in Algebra 1,

I promptly unenrolled myself and put myself in "Business math" (as my step mother kindly referred to it "bonehead math"

My sophomore year, my mother again enrolled me in algebra, I again took myself out of it.
My principal promptly called me into his office and kindly said "Peggikaye, you HAVE to take algebra!"
"Do I have to show my work?"
"well, yes, you know that!"
"well, then I'm not taking it!"
"If you don't take algebra you can't become a doctor!"
"well, then I won't become a doctor" I stared him down as he stared at me with absolute disbelief, he thought he had this stubborn blue eyed girl in a trap.
"Peggikaye, if you don't take algebra, you can't go to college." He said quietly.
"Fine, take me off the college prep list"
I got up and I walked out of his office and did not look back until I was 23.

I waited tables, worked in grocery stores, worked in day care centers ... at 23 I realized I did not want to be a 40 year old waitress ...and enrolled in college.

At 24 ...I got sick with Myasthenia Gravis.

At 25 with not such a good GPA (2.1 ...I had no idea it was that bad!!! I was a 3.9 in high school!!!!)

So, now I go back. Different major, I was an education major (what WAS I thinking, I'd have made a bad teacher!!!)

The frustrating thing is starting behind the 8 ball. My physical science class and my developmental psych class, I dropped late in the semester, both, with A's. Both professors told me they would give me the A's even though it was too late to drop.
I was so sick, I just took it for granted they would follow through. Neither did.
I have incompletes ... for both classes.
So, I get to take them again.
My humanities 2, I had a D in, so I'm going to take that again.
I'm going to try to take Beginning Algebra this summer .. then Intermediate Algebra next fall .. then college algebra in the spring (then hopefully never take math again ...oh wait, I'll have to take statistics won't I?)

I will get over this. I will enjoy taking physical science, again, I will enjoy developmental psych, and I'm sure after parenting, I will have a totally different perspective. I might even be able to tolerate humanities 2 this time.


  1. You've been royally tagged by Mimi Queen of Memes. Have fun!
    Message In a Bottle

  2. I took failed algebra for not showing my work and had to retake it in summer school. When I complained the teacher put up an equation the length of the board and say - do THAT one in your head. I showed my work and passed and got it over with (this was during summer school so I wouldnt have to take it in high school LOL)

  3. Check the requirments for Statistics...you may not have to take college algebra. We took begining algebra, intermediate algebra and the next course options were college algebra, trig, pre-calculus, and statistics. We are in statistics and will never have to take math again after this semester...unless we decide to go for a Master's...then we have to take more statistics. :P Good luck with the summer course...it is fast, intense, but oh so worth it if you really want to get a class out of the way.

  4. Thanks Dr. Deb!!
    Mimi, I swear I'll get to it!!

    Raine, I don't really do it in my head, I do it on paper, but I do it in a really chaotic backwards, weird way, which means, I don't want to show my work because it's not 'right'. I always manage to get the right answer, just not in the 'right way.' Easier, faster ...

    Fallen ... In OK, College Algebra is a basic requirement for all general ed degrees ...no one escapes unless they're going for a tech certif. :(

    It's also a pre req for stats here. (also required for my degree. What confuses me is it's a required coarse, the it (col. Alg.) is listed as a recommended elective. HELLO?