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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Casting Crowns

Tomorrow night ... I go see Casting Crowns ... got free tickets through Habitat for Humanity & Casting Crowns ...

They have no idea what a gift they've given me.


  1. Thanks Todd ... Jen came with me.

    It was awesome .. LOUD ...oh my goodness i'm getting old!

    Took my nephew, my son and Jen.

    My nephew and son were ..um ..er ...teenage boys I guess.

    I felt like an old fuddy duddy ...glad to be up in the nosebleed where it wasn't so loud, but wishingI could see better. Speakers got in the way of the big screen ...

    Music ...everything I'd hoped for from Casting Crowns ... it hit a place in my heart that needed to be hit.

    One line ... I don't remember now if it was spoken or sang ...abut not having a father around ... letting The FATHER be that ... this was good timing ... this week has been such a hard week without Daddy.

    It helped to put at least part of my world back into perspective.

  2. wow im glad you had a good time.. im glad you got to go to something like this and enjoy... sorry have been missing for a bit... life gets so crazy sometimes

    take care

  3. Hey there PK,

    you went, you had fun (nevermind feeling like the fuddyduddy -- love that word -- that is inevitable at "our" age. Even doing other stuff, like shopping at the supermarket? Overwhelming, fuddyduddy moments.

    Hope you rocked out, sounds like you did!

  4. Nice to hear that you had a good time PK.

    Hope all is well with you. Haven't "seen" you around in a few days and I've gotten worried.



  5. I sure hope you had a good time at your Casting Crowns concert! <3

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  7. where'd you go? is everything ok?

  8. my computer is deader than a doornail ... I'll be back ...eventually