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"And will you succeed? Yes indeed! Yes indeed! Ninety Eight and Three Quarters guarenteed!"

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

PK Update

The good news? Her computer works.

The bad news? The computer thinks she has broadband and says it can't find the signal. DUH...she has dial up. As soon as they get that figured out she'll be back!


  1. Hmmm if your're using AOL, try changing the settings on the sign on screen; like if it asks you your location or to choose access numbers, it should give you the option to check dial up, dsl etc. Hope that helps. I had a similar problem earlier where it just had me listed at the wrong sign on location :p gotta love AOL.

  2. Computer woes can be very unsettling. Hang in there!

  3. LOL ... we tried that ... AOL LOL can't live with it .... right now, can't be sane without it!!!!!


    currently at the library.

    Evidently, it's a motherboard problem, so for once, AOL is off the hook, I think. (maybe, not sure I wanna let AOL off the hook even if it is a hardware problem lol

    My Habitat hours are clear up to 343.25 ... leaving 106.75 to goooooooooooooooooooo

  4. oh if only that worked!!! If only the library would let me blog!!!! I guess the security settings or something! ARGH!

    Ugh Ugh ...

    Latest ... I'm teaching an adult Sunday School class starting Sept 11 .... how's that for stepping out of my box .... GULP!!!

    Women's class.


  5. Adding to the comments still counts! All the big guys and gals do it, and some of us little fish, too. So hop to it. More posting, because we're still checking every day. Details on the house: cabinets? flooring? I'm jealous already. ;]

    Little Pond

  6. Well ...thank you for checking!

    Habitat hours are going down fast ... up to 365.5 ... which means I have 84.5 left to go!!!!!

    My kids are well established in school for the year. Samuel can't stand his spanish teacher :(
    I can't say I blame him. She whines. ugh
    I hope she doesn't ruin his love for languages!

    He is NOT enjoying drivers ed ... hehehe ... he is discovering that it is a working class ... not a blow off class. Sounds like he has the teacher I had!!! I had a teacher that in his whole 30 year career gave 9 A's ... I got the 8th.

    He IS enjoying AP Geometry and AP History and wishing he'd taken AP science.

    Benjamin is not saying anything about school except for Drama. This ... is a VERY good thing!
    He is also doing his homework without prompting OR HELP!!!!! That is an absolute miracle!!

    I am not sure how I'm going to survive the heat to do the Habitat hours. My first Friday working in the heat was followed by spending 9 hours on Saturday in the ER ... whoops. (UTI ... I'd drank 3 styrofoam cups worth of water out at the site in 101 degree temp and 6 hours in the sun ...just what ever lupus/MG patient on immunosupppressants needs to do!)

    I worked this last week for 5 hours in the restore on thursday, then 6 on Friday (in the sun again) and then spend 4 hours on Saturday at the church with the youth group and then church from 8:15 to noon on Sunday, then again with the youth group from 3:45 to 8 on Sunday.

    I didn't move on Monday ... and barely moved yesterday.

    I did get up today.

    Tomorrow ..back to the restore for 5 hours and then to take my mom to have ALL her teeth removed (so she can get dentures AFTEr she gets her knee replacement in 3 weeks)

    and then on Friday I spend 6 more hours at the Habitat house ... in the sun ... so ...by Friday evening I should be at 376 hours with 74 to go!!!

    When collapse comes ...not sure (grin)

  7. So when the collapse comes, you'll have a new house, and a new bedroom to collapse in! Wish I could be there to help. We are empty-nesting again here. Can't count on it forever, but it's nice for now. You should see me do the "Empty-Nest Dance of Mourning" whenever I put something away (that will stay put now)!

  8. Empty nest ... I'll send you mine ... my AP very bright 15 year old brought home 2 F's and a D and a C on his progress report!!!!!!!!

    and a B in DRIVER'S ED!!!!!!!!

    Then got mad when I lectured him
    Gee mom, you make me feel like I blew it!!!

    WELL GEE SAMUEL ... .YOU DID BLOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I got an A in science!!!

    393.5 hours on Habitat, last escrow payment made, last class taken, so all that leaves is 56.5 hours left!!!!!

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  11. Don't send me yours, I'd kill him. We can manage our own little darlings, but not others.

    Besides, I've seen enough principal's offices to last a lifetime!

    Hang tough, we're rooting for you.

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  20. Hey, pk!

    How about another update on your progress with Habitat? Just curious. Hope you are well.