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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Drive By Posting

My semester is done ... it's been a nightmare of a semester. Not the one bad class I normally have, but 2 bad classes.

I felt the entire semester like I was caving under the stress ... and managed to pull out A's ... Sensory and Perception (one I had no idea what I was getting because he'd not returned 2 tests!) I got 913 out of 900
Abnormal Psych I got 609 out of 600
and Intro to Counseling I got 298 out of 300

Thank Goodness for Extra Credit!!
Extra Credit made a lot of difference and had i not gotten full credit on my big paper or my portfolio, I'd have been skimping the edge of the 90% range
I still don't know about algebra ... sigh.


  1. I am sure Algebra will turn out fine. Good job on the other grades.

  2. You're the dream student, Dreaming!

  3. Thank you all. I finished algebra, by the skin of my teeth and some fast figuring by the instructor (not in my favor). While I'm not happy with the grade, I'm happy with my effort and I know I did my best. I do not have to take algebra again so it's not worth fighting over.
    (though, I did a couple of days of emails/calls to try to resolve it, my next step would be to the board of regents and it's not worth that for a class that doesn't effect my GPA)