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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, this semester is certainly going to be interesting. Taking the same psychology professor with the idea of "knowing what to expect" backfired! Her social psych class is far more detailed, and has more work than Dev. Psych. (I thought she was a passionate instructor about Developmental Psych ... however compared with her passion for Social Psych, she paled by comparisson. This, is a good thing)

My nutrition class is going to be difficult, both work wise and emotionally. I expected a class that was a biology based class on Nutrition (description of class gave me that idea, it's a biology course) However, this class is SO personalized. It does not seem to be about nutrition in general, however, but about MY nutritional habits, etc. Today, I skipped class deciding that I was not going to do the body fat analysis in front of the whole class. Just too personal of information and quite frankly, none of my classmates business!
I'm not quite sure that it's my professors business, nutrition class or not. She's not my medical team, my eating disorder treatment team, she is my PROFESSOR. Having my body fat/weight and other medical information is really quite intrusive.
All the nutrition classes at the school do it this way. It's too late for me to drop out without complications from financial aide.

My Sociology class is going to be quite the ride. zzzzzzzzzz wake me when it's over please!! Lecture only and no class discussion or interaction between students and professor. Top that off with 3/4 of what he says makes no sense (if I'd not read the book, I'd have NO idea what he was trying to get acrossed!) and then he says "OK?" at the end of every sentence! To keep myself focused (literally) I tag marked each and every OK on Tuesday's lecture ... 170 OK?'s in one hour!!! Seriously! That's the ones I caught! It did help me stay focused on what he was saying, because he's very easy to tone out.

He hit some buttons too ... first he says "NEVER ever generalize or use stereotypes"
Then he calls the class "kids"
He then informed the class that none of 'you kids' remember not having cell phones, microwaves and you don't even know what a cassette is!

Um ... dude ... (yes, I used dude because he's so young and drove me nuts) I remember when we got our first microwave, I remember black and white TV, and I was graduated from high school before I ever laid eyes on a VCR (beta!). Cell phones, no, not everyone has one, despite your comment that 'absolutely everybody these days have a cell phone' and please please please stop assuming that we are all the same, with the same memories and same desires ...there are 18 to at least 44 year olds (me) in the class and I know ages inbetween (my friend Teresa, age 32 is in the class with me) (by the way, we got our microwave the year Teresa was born, I was in junior high)

ARGH! And top it off, the BIGGEST event to effect american SOCIETY and especially politics in MY lifetime (born after Kennedy's assasination) happened yesterday and you (an african american professor) didn't even MENTION it

Ok ... then algebra, same class I did so poorly in last semester. Off to a good start so far, really am. Hopeful. Not nearly as stressed in class or doing homework ...

oddly enough, Algebra may prove to be my favorite class this semester, how twisted would that be?


  1. Wow,some of those classes sound like a real emotional trip. I never thought I hear you say math was your favorite class.lol

  2. Hey Pk glad Algebra's going well! That's wonderful. :)

    I took Nutrition a few semesters back for one of my Biology requirements also. However, I took it online. It is quite personalized as you say. We didn't have to share our BMI with the whole class though, but did have to share it with our professor as part of a written assignment. We also had to keep a food diary for a week and turn that in too. The professor I had was very nice and didn't seem judgemental. He was excited about health and sharing information and feedback with us. If you're uncomfortable with telling your professor certain information I'm sure you could email her and she'd be very understanding and accomodating. I can guarantee she'd much rather hear from you and listen to your concerns than have you feeling anxious in her class.

  3. You probably wont like to hear this but I am thinking that the nutrition class, tho uncomfortable, will probably be very good for you. I'm glad you are taking it

  4. wow...sounds like some of these classes are real personal for you and are also hard in some areas. I'm glad you're still staying with it even it it's hard sometimes. Good for you!! That professor that called you'll kids has some nerve doesn't he?!