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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today I realized that my body is yelling at me. Rather loudly. The week before school started I came down with a rather nasty cough, fever ...yada yada yada ... it took 2 rounds of antibiotics to get through it. I'm still .. STILL coughing. I can't talk very much without resorting to coughing. I wake up at night ...coughing. It's not waking up doing my normal MG-- choking --on --my--own-- saliva -- choking ...but coughing! Sigh. It's not bad enough to go back to the doctor or another round of antibiotics. It's just a residual cough that sometimes hangs on for too long when a body has a hard time ridding itself of an infection. Since I'm not relapsing, the assumption is that the infection is gone ..and it is the residual cough.

The first week of school, first round of antibiotics, I started to improve, then within 48 hours of being off the antibiotics I was back to sky high fever and cough worse than the first time. THAT ...was a relapse of the infection.

This ... just won't go away ... cough hack cough hack cough hack.

I sound like a lifetime smoker.

Seriously. It is that smoker's hack. But I don't smoke.

The MG is playing tricks on me ...knees buckling while I'm walking, eyes going double about twice as often as they normally would. To be expected with the increase of activities and use of muscle.

The idea when going back to school was that I would make adjustments in home activities ...to allow for increased at school ... only ... I didn't.

So on top of adding hours and stress of school ... I kept up my load at home.


Soooooo as of today, I'm putting in a new plan of action. Some intentional eye rest every day, not on the computer, not watching TV, and not necessarily sleeping, but ...closed eyes. Making sure that I wear my eye patches if I'm studying and my eyes are tired ...taking a proactive role in taking care of my body. I've got a long road to hoe ...and I have put the proper care techniques into the pattern of my DNA NOW. If I wait till I crash and burn, it will be too late.

I do not want to go crash, burn, recover, crash burn recover ... that is my normal cycle. When I don't have school, that might have worked to go to bed for 3 or 4 days ..but I can't afford that anymore.

I'm having some trouble sleeping, but I am trying to make sure I'm resting anyway. That is making a difference.

The biggest issue with school is my struggle with algebra. OH BROTHER OH MY!

If only Mr Biegel were her to help me now! (7th grade math teacher, my favorite all time teacher ... sigh)

This last week has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. My mom totalled her car on the 10th, my son totalled our car on the 11th. Mom's was her fault. She shouldn't have been driving because of a right leg injury and was driving with her left foot. She pulled into a parking spot at the public library and went to step on the brake and instead stomped on the gas.

She ran over a tree, over a bike rack and into a light pole. Thank God there were NO children nearby!

Samuel's accident wasn't his fault, exactly. He was driving on the expressway, and got cut off by a wreckless driver going 80 mph in the heavy rain (not just heavy rain, heavy wind and rain ala IKE). The truck cut him off and he had the choice of veering off away from traffic or into traffic. When he chose to go away from traffic, he lost control of the car. He hydroplaned, turned a few 360's and hit the retaining wall (solid cement) backwards ... facing traffic coming at him full speed at him on the freeway.

The not his fault exactly .. simply put is .. a more exprienced driver (IE ..Adult) would not have been in that lane .. and one of the things he said, very frustrated, almost in tears of defense was

"but DAD! I wasn't even going 65!"
(driver's ed drilled into the kids ... when it's raining .. don't go 65, as if that's the magic number to keep you from hydroplaning?)

The reality was ... he had no business being in that center lane ... and he certainly had no business being in the center lane NOT going 65 mph ... and if the weather conditions meant he couldn't go 65 ..then DO NOT go into that lane!

Personally, I think a teenaged driver should stay out of that passing lane! They just don't have the experience for it!

Long story short, he didn't have enough driving YEARS to know all of this information ... he does now. I didn't know it at 18 ... I didn't learn that stuff in drivers ed, and no one told me. I learned it through close calls and watching ... I got lucky. My son, did too...just not as lucky as I was.

I'm blessed that all we lost was our car! I get sick when I think about my son plowing into that wall! I want to strangle the man who callously cut off a teenaged driver going 80 mph in the rain ...just what was so important that you had to risk my sons life?

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  1. So sorry about the accidents...very scary.

    If you want some help with the algebra, let me know...I got an A in both algebra 1 and 2 (college, not high school). Kind of hard to help over im or email, but I can try!