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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aware of April

One of the most staggering statistics regarding sexual abuse is the numbers that go unreported.

Many say they read those numbers with a cautious eye ..jaded eye ..or simply don't believe them.

They don't understand how they can come up with numbers of 'unreported' incidences ...

I did some looking into that ...and I think, I got it figured out.

I ... am one of those who have gone unreported.

My 'incidences' have never been reported to the police. No sherrifs department, court house or district attorney's office has ever even heard of me. I'm not listed in any crime victims data base ... I've never been seen in the hospital and had a 'rape kit' done on me ...

But .. I did ...after 30 years ... tell my psychiatrist. I am one of those who have told ..but did not report. I have become one of those numbers of "every year ... people are injured and it goes unreported."

The word reported ... if I'm understanding correctly .. is a legal term, rather than a revealing term.

I have never pressed charges ... I've never reported it.

So ... the next time you see one of those statistics ... take your skeptisism out of the way and make room for the truth ...they were never reported to the police or to the legal authorities who could do something. But it was told, to someone ... a doctor, a psychaitrist, a therapist ...who had to keep their name and identity confidential ... but could let a fact gathering group know ... unforunately, I've got yeat another one who won't tell.

So, I'm going to borrow a blog doctor for instance because she is someone tangible to most of us ... IF I'm understanding this correctly ...

If Dr. Deb had 10 patients this month who were assaulted. 2 told the police ...and only 2 told her ... and the rest kept it a secret .... for 10 years ....

her statistics would be

2 reported
2 non reported
6 fine as far as we know ... 10 years later they tell her, but don't report to the police
now ..they are
6 non reported.

All are hurt ... all injured ... and all wounded. Some start their journeys of healing right away, but some choose to try to hide it and try to self destruct and ause avoidance techniques to deal with it before they finally try to put themselves together the right way.

None of them that did not turn in an official report to the police are considered a reported crime. Even if they did, in fact report the crime to their doctor, if nothing legal was done, it is considered, a non reported crime.

Is that ... clear as mud?

For those in the medical feild ... please feel free to correct me ...and hijack my comments to help clear up the muddy waters.

Keep the candles lit .... one candle at a time ... we can take back our lives.

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  1. I think there is another way for the "unreported" to be counted also. My own example...and I only found out about this when having coffee as an ex-employee of the doc involved...a full 4 years after the incident! See doc (future boss) on referral from GP because pap smear came back bad...way bad. Before exam, report never been PG, never had sex with male of the species (unaware of MUCH at this time). Doc's assessment? Severe scaring, evidence of poorly performed termination, cancer in situ of the cervix due to YEARS of HPV infection and extreme fear/resistence to exam. Noted in my chart on that very first visit all the way at the bottom of assesment was "sexual abuse/assault?". Over that cup of coffee I found out that a little came out and was extremely upset by the whole situation. And also that at every visit after that, this doc would allow little one to play with a teddy bear that doc kept in her office, once the exam was finished! I have to wonder too...did the GP also know?

    So there you have it, another way for the "unreported" to report!